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I offer an approach to therapy that tailors to the needs of you, the client. My approach is flexible and adaptive, responding to your changing needs, modifying my approach as to continue to be effective.

I believe in the right for every person to live their life fully. I am fully committed to helping you through any of Life’s challenges. Only through understanding can we become the person we were meant to be. Any challenge at any point in your life can be overcome. I am here to make sure that you always have support and that you can find the strength to boldly live your life the way it was meant to be.

Each person has very unique and important strengths. Due to experiences, biology, mental states, and the people in or missing from our lives, these strengths can be forgotten, ignored, or undermined. Sometimes people need help in finding what their strengths are. I believe compassion is essential in helping a person find their strength, and awareness of our strength allows us choices, allowing us to create and find meaning in our life.


Personal & Professional Psychology Services

Experience Compassion, Discover Strength